Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle - Algarve

The Most Exclusive Algarve

Once you have experienced this part of the world you’ll find it difficult to leave.


But if you do manage the impossible, your mind will constantly return to the endless stretches of golden beaches, priceless sea of green fairways, the amazing variety of restaurants including some Michelin star restaurants with the sunshine always present.

The benefits of the Algarve’s Golden Triangle and surrounding areas, and indeed of the region as a whole, make a compelling backdrop for life in the south. As a place of many layers, many obvious, but just as many hidden, the Golden Triangle has much to show us, many secrets to reveal. In this section we introduce you to many of these hidden layers, exposing the many facets of the area, and showing you that beyond the sun, surf and golf there are so many ways to enjoy ‘Iconic Living’.


In fact this is the Most Exclusive Algarve. The Golden Triangle hosts some of the most desired oceanfront properties in the world with resorts like Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago setting luxury in a completely different way.


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