Eastern Algarve


Long white sandy beaches and calm waters

Eastern Algarve starts just after Faro, the Algarve capital goes along until the Spanish border.


These Algarve beaches start at Formosa Natural Park, which lies down facing the ocean for some 60Km and where among touristic spots you will find some desert and wild beaches.


Formosa Natural Park was created in 1987 to protect its most valuable ecosystem and prevent coastline from turning into something ugly with an uncontrolled buildings scenario.



long sand islands stretch along the coast of the Eastern Algarve. These natural barriers are home to a fragile lagoon whose ecosystem is rich in fauna and flora. The Middle towns and fishing villages worn by time, Renaissance churches in picturesque villages and elegant cities filled with Roman bridges, Moorish castles and pyramid-shaped roofs. The interior desert and a nature reserve, enriched by a culture and a heritage which remained inalteraveis during centuries.

Here along with several bird species which already bring thousands of tourists to bird watching activities there are hundred of little charming islands that you can visit by boat and even stay there for the day enjoying a magnificent sunset with your body emerged on the warm waters of Eastern Algarve.


At Formosa Natural Park you will find great spots like ilha de Faro (Faro´s Island), Ilha de Tavira (Tavira Island), Fuzeta, Cacela Velha, Praia Verde and many others.


Eastern Algarve Beaches are particularly indicated for those who do not seek the most cosmopolitan beaches like in Central Algarve and Golden Triangle beaches and prefer a 100% calm life where you usually do most of your activities on a walking basis.


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