Green Beach - Praia Verde

Green Beach - Praia Verde

The emerald-green oasis in Eastern Algarve
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Praia Verde is an image of a postcard of tranquility.


Featuring scenic views, beautiful waterfront homes and spectacular green landscaping, the Portuguese Praia Verde or Green beach is located right in the heart of the Eastern Algarve (municipality of Castro Marim) near the coastal towns of Tavira and Fuzeta, just a couple of miles away from Spain.


Great-Algarve-Beach-Praia-Verde-Altura-EastAlgarve-PortugalThis paradisiacal beach combines the silence and quietude of a desert beach, where only the sound of waves can be heard.


The tepid water temperature and the calmness of the ocean, create an unequaled relaxing atmosphere.


Renowned for its magical charms, the Green beach is a green oasis of tranquility, framed by a crystal blue sea, dazzling pinewood trees and a sweet smelling landscape.


The Green beach can be reached by crossing the pinewood on foot, and the nearby town of Vila Real de St. António offers all the attractions of a summertime vacation: excellent housing, shopping and dining.

The calm of the ocean and the pleasant temperature of air and water, invite a dream holiday, supported by infrastructure support such as restaurants and rental of marine equipment.


Neighbored by the beaches of Cabeço, Ricucu and Alagoa, the Green beach and its splendid sunrise that serenades the beauty of the sea, is a place of pure evasion.


With is own particular vibe this beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Algarve, earning its place as a dream destination for anyone craving for hot summer weather and some peace of mind.


Where to Eat


Restaurante Pezinhos na Areia, Sem espinhas, O Infante, Well.





How to get there

By Car: If you are nearby drive along the EN125. Otherwise take the Via do Infante (A22) towards Spain and exit in Altura/Monte Gordo



Where to Stay

Praia Verde Boutique Hotel

BY: Nuno Caetano