Flying to Portugal

Flying to Portugal

Geographical´s position guarantee Worldwide Connections

Flying in here is clearly the best option for most of our clients, visitors and tourists.

Portugal has 3 airports in the mainland (Lisboa, Oporto and Faro) and other 2 on the Islands of Madeira and Azores, but its strength comes from the fact that Portugal has a unique geographical position in the northern hemisphere making it Flying to Portugal very easy.

As Portugal is the first country for the routes coming from America or the last if you are coming from Europe it makes it a stopover point for many international airline companies.

Flying to Portugal main airlines are SATA and TAP – Air Portugal, the country’s “flagship” airline.

With more than 75 international destinations and domestic flights between Lisbon, Oporto, Faro, Madeira and the Azores, and also between Madeira and Porto Santo Flying to Portugal with TAP is possible on a daily basis since there are regular flights.

SATA  ( has regular flights between all the islands of the Azores and from the Azores to Madeira and mainland Portugal. SATA also offers regular flights to a number of international destinations.

Both companies offer regular domestic and international flights and TAP inclusively received 2 most important awards by Global Traveler, USA, one of the most read travel magazines in the world.

One was for “Best Airline for Europe” and the other one was for  “World Leader to Africa and South America”.

These are two of the most important prizes of the travel and tourism industry, which recognize the TAP service, prestige and international notoriety of the TAP, making the flight an excellent journey until the final destination.

You can find more information on its website ( and at major internet Flights Retailers.

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