Tax Free Shopping

Tax Free Shopping

Get the Best of both Worlds

Tax Free Shopping is the exemption from Value-Added Tax (VAT) for travelers residing outside the European Union.


Those who apply and are eligible for Golden Visa do not lose this Tax-Free Shopping exemption and therefore they benefit from the best of both worlds as they gain the Portugal Schengen Investment Programme and still can Shop as non-UE visitors when they come to shop in Europe.

As it is combinable with Golden Visa keep both nationalities, you are still a foreign resident, and you can claim a refund of this tax, meaning your purchase is tax-free.

The VAT rate in Portugal is present in all retail prices and for most of the products that you will be willing to buy is 23%, such as clothes and accessories (bags, watches, sunglasses,…) what corresponds to 18.7% of the retail price.Most visitors tend to shop along the way adding bags to their luggage if necessary so you probably will be above the minimum amount for Tax Free Shopping which is €61.35.

Please notice and don´t forget that this Tax Free Shopping system excludes the purchase of services such as the Hotel, Car Rentals or Restaurants. It also does not apply to products that you have consumption during your stay and therefore you are not taking with you on your way back.


This Tax Free Shopping system is perfect for that gorgeous dress that you have seen in Av. Liberdade, that necklace that blinked you on the Shopping Mall storefront or for that elegant watch that you really wanted since Christmas. All the products that you take with you on your return to your country will be Tax-Free Refundable and that is always magical.

Simple Rules to Maximum Benefits

If you really intent to use the Tax Free Shopping system then you should follow some simple but golden rules:

  • At the shop: Do not forget to fill out the forms immediately in the shop (Name of traveler, Passport Number and Country of Residence are mandatory);
  • Travel duration: You must leave the European Union (EU) within 3 months from the date of the first purchase;
  • At the airport: The forms must be stamped at Customs and you have to be prepared to show the products acquired if required.
BY: Nuno Caetano