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To study in Portugal means broadening your horizon, having easy access to some of the best schools and universities in the world, meeting incredible people from around the world, having contact with amazing sights and eating extraordinary food while chilling with your friends under a sunshine weather.


Every year, thousands of foreign students move to study in Portugal to start their school year, or to undertake undergraduate and graduate programs, as Portugal hosts a significant number of leading ranked schools and universities, particularly in the fields of business, medicine and engineering, the core areas where Portugal is recognized.

For that reason, Portugal offers a wide range and variety of degree programs/courses taught in English for those who want to study in Portugal.

Not to mention that studying in Portugal gives you the chance to actually learn the sixth most widely spoken language in the world: Portuguese.

From all the national and international schools and colleges in Portugal, three are distinctive for their efficiency, value and education excellence: Saint Julian’s School in Cascais, the French Lyceum in Lisbon and the International School of the Algarve.

Furthermore, Portuguese universities are ranked among the best value, cost-efficient and high performing universities in the world, providing graduate and post-graduate students with the knowledge, training and experience they need to succeed and fully bring their talents to the forefront.

Internationally, some Portuguese universities stand out as historical institutions such as the Coimbra University – the 10th oldest public university in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site, or for their performance in a particular sector such as: the Católica Business School of Business and Economics, the Nova School of Business and Economics and the Porto Business School – the three Portuguese universities that were included in the Financial Times ranking.


All the certificates and/or diplomas you can attain from any Portuguese university are recognized throughout the European Union, so your future options are wide open.

Portugal is committed to delivering value-for-money university programs that make a difference and that are renowned for fostering personal growth, cultural innovation and international exchanges. In every university you will surely find a club and/or association that shares your interests and pursuits, such as sports, literature, drama, music, etc.

From a vibrant and extraordinarily safe nightlife to diverse cultural offerings to beautiful parks and an impressive educational system, Portugal has the warmest hospitality at its heart.

Most of the University residences and flats are within walking distance of the University and from the cities centers, so students are able to walk to their classes every day.

To live and study in Portugal is a dream and a goal worth chasing for all students as well as an incredible opportunity to discover some of the most historical and compelling cities in the world, while broadening their global knowledge and experience.

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BY: Nuno Caetano