Lifestyle and Quality time

There is no place in Europe like Portugal

Living in Portugal is a lifestyle choice that offers you the luxury of time well spent.


Merited by its vibrant and colorful lifestyle, Portugal is a tourist destination par excellence. A countless range of paradisiacal beaches, hidden waterfalls, lovely mountains, beautiful surroundings, exquisite golf courses, hearty food and wine are just some of the delights you can find.

While you discover the wonders of this irresistible country under great sunshine throughout the year, you can enjoy a more comfortable and affordable standard of living.

With multiple attractions close by, plenty of food options to fit just about anyone’s tastes and a geographical proximity to Europe’s major capital cities, Portugal is an unspoiled paradise filled with natural beauty and some of the most genuinely spirited people you will ever meet. Most inhabitants are extremely friendly, speak several languages and open their doors to visitors.


Its strategic location “planted by the sea”, with about 850 km of coast, combines immeasurable natural wealth with an enticing blend of cultures, while offering the most diverse and high-class cuisine options accompanied by a vast collection of the most sublime wines that hit your senses and flavor preferences in ways you never thought possible.

Due to its stunning and immense coastline, unique fauna and marine biodiversity, Portugal offers some of the best seafood and fish restaurants in Europe. In terms of marine species, Portugal is actually known for having the best of all worlds.

This extraordinary Eco region has been highly commended by top chefs and food critics around the world, including Ferran Adrià and Jean-Michel Lorain, just to name two.

The calm pace of life and friendly atmosphere is one of the most noticeable aspects about Portugal, a country that can be appreciated all year round thanks to its mild temperatures and long sunshine days.

BY: Nuno Caetano