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Portuguese food is a Mediterranean diet that combines the best flavours of Occidental cuisine, using fresh ingredients from the local farmers markets, with the strong marks that Romans, Phoenicians and Arabs have left on Portuguese family recipes. Described as a creative and unique blend of cultural influences that creates unbelievably divine flavours, Portuguese food leaves no one indifferent and is igniting passions all over the world.

The history of Portuguese food is fascinatingly complex yet it has just the right balance. Dishes are frequently made from simple ingredients, based on regional produce and impeccably prepared. Completely delicious!


Portuguese cuisine varies from region to region, but fresh fish and shellfish are found on almost every menu.

With plenty of specialty seafood restaurants along the waterfront, Portugal has been acclaimed internationally for its exceptional service and otherworldly hospitality in these exclusive restaurants where you can enjoy a delightful candlelight dinner or a business lunch, with many artistic displays of lobsters, shrimp, oysters and crabs, in an impressive and visually rich historical setting.

There are several incredible seafood restaurants in Lisbon but these two you will not want to miss: Porto Santa Maria and Ramiro. However, if your wish is to try traditional Portuguese gastronomy and to taste the most popular national dishes, the “Cantinho do Avillez” in Lisbon and Oporto is the place to be. “Cantinho do Avillez” is a restaurant where tradition and modernity go hand in hand.

Portuguese restaurants

Are acclaimed for having superb food presented with flair and class, while providing absolutely astonishing dining experiences ranging from a local Fado House to elegant fine dining. Portugal has the most inventive and perfectionist chefs in the kitchen that will impress you even before the main course is served.


Here’s a list of the Michelin Star restaurants throughout the country. In Lisbon: Belcanto, Eleven, Feitoria at Hotel Altis Belém and Fortaleza Guincho at Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho. In Alentejo the L’And Vineyards and in the Algarve: Henrique Leis (Almancil), Ocean Restaurant at Vila Vita Parc (Porches), Vila Joya at Hotel Vila Joya (Galé) and Willie’s (Vilamoura).

A country of antique narrow streets and surrounded by natural splendor, Portugal is bursting with incredible places to catch awesome views.

Boasting delicious cuisine and river views, check out this amazing list that includes the best terraces and viewpoints, perfect for you to enjoy the sunrise, the sunset and the moonlight throughout the year: Silk club, Sky bar, Memmo Alfama terrace, Entretanto bar, Park, Upscale.

You will also find numerous restaurants serving absolutely amazing sushi, from the most easy and simple to more luxury and glamor ways. Two of the most sought-after are: Sushic in Almada and Sushi Café Avenida in Lisbon. If we have the world’s best fish and we regularly export it to Japan, just imagine how our sushi dishes are.

Not to mention the wide selection of high-quality Rodizios on offer in Portugal, which will leave you to ponder for hours before you can make a final choice. Rodizio is an all-you-can-eat style of restaurant service, originally from Brazil. These steakhouses where servers visit the table with giant skewers packed and mouthwatering meats, are very famous in Portugal and some of the most appreciated ones are: Fogo de Chão and Sabor Mineiro, in the country’s capital.

In a country of traditional charm and rare beauty, it is mandatory to discover the little neighborhoods, each with its own compelling attractions. The best way to get to know these neighborhoods is to benefit from a rich and varied cuisine, while listening to Fado (World Heritage) at a typical Fado House. Two marvelous suggestions, among many others, that will maximize your stay: the classic “A Severa” and the more modern “Museu do Fado”.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to roam around in the Portuguese cities during nighttime hours, and be enchanted by their special recipes.

Even though Portuguese food is highly recommended for its uniqueness, truth is that Portugal has always had a strong commitment to promoting the understanding of diverse cultures, and for that reason you are guaranteed to always find at least one restaurant around the corner, where you can savor your home food.

You may find other local restaurants and fantastic suggestions on our restaurant directory, where you can find the perfect place, simply by searching our list.

BY: Nuno Caetano