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Welcome to GREAT, your ultimate guide to the best properties in Portugal!


Until now, every time your clients wanted to buy a property overseas, a holiday property or wanted to move away to the South of Europe, looking for warmer days and better taxes, you just wished you had the right partner to follow that lead, close the deal and share with you the profit.

Well, now you have!

Great is a fully licensed portuguese company that will be your access to the best Properties in Portugal. In Portugal we operate in the most exclusive locations such as Lisbon, Algarve, Troia/Comporta, Cascais/Estoril and in the Silver Coast.

No matter what is the real estate related or financial business you are in, you may apply to be a Great Global Partner and we will help you to welcome them to the country. We are in business for more than a decade and we have built a powerful experts network in Portugal concerning, legal, taxes and financial areas in which you can rely.  Working with us will improve your business.

Clients are everywhere and Portugal has indeed a great value for money.  Buyers are rapidly increasing, transactions flow and if you do want to profit from this enormous market Contact Us Today and Become Our Great Global Partner.

With proven strength and spirit to take challenges head on, we work our hardest to fulfill your wants and needs and to find the perfect match for you in a timely manner.

Let’s say your office is in San Francisco and your client wants to acquire a beautiful villa in Lisbon or in the South of Portugal. With an extensive portfolio that meets the needs of both your corporate and individual customers, we will guide you and your client through the best real estate experience of their lives. Understanding your client’s buying process is key to your success and with GREAT as your partner in real estate you will unquestionably participate in all the stages of the proceedings.

We’re interested in helping you profit from your database information. For instance, suppose one of your clients is looking to buy a property overseas but doesn’t know where to start. As a trusted expert it’s only normal that he/she turns to you for guidance and information, right? Well, by teaming up with us, you will find that you are able to provide more comprehensive services and choices to your clients than your competitors and will gain access to a large network of specialists. We’ll close the deal and share the commissions with you.

All partners, regardless of location or business sector, have real-time access to our diverse range of property choices/exclusive homes for sale. We take all efforts to ensure that the information we hold is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Despite of your business industry, you may apply to become a GREAT Global Partner and we have the facilities, services and location necessary to help you welcome your clients to Portugal.


GREAT provides relevant and first-hand knowledge on how to purchase a property safely to any client seeking to buy a property overseas, whether for retirement, as a second home or as an investment.

With over a decade of experience working in real estate, we set our goals high and never settle for anything less.

We strive to become your trusted, long-term global partner in real estate by always acting with transparency.

As our partner, we view ourselves as an extension of your team and ensure you are given unlimited access to our content and archives.  Our global network of experts strictly works to a quality standard set out by your client/company. We see you as a priority in everything we do.

Specific requirements related to the property acquisition: legal, taxes and financial, are all taken care of by us. Working with us will significantly improve your business and your customer’s satisfaction.

We are committed our partners’ successful outcomes and to delivering the world’s best properties to our mutual customers because loyalty is something we take very seriously and that we take much pride in.

Now as a GREAT Global Partner you can be part of the buying process of a second home for your all-time clients, and you will benefit from it one, two, three, ..ten … how many times as clients that you send us..

Now it is possible if you become a GREAT Global Partner.

BY: Nuno Caetano