Golden Visa

Golden Visa Portugal

Europe´s Leading Investors Scheme in Europe

The Portugal Golden Visa program is a simple and fast track residence permit program for foreign investors from non-EU countries (third-party countries).

Launched by the Government in October 2012, the Golden Visa Portugal allows investors (from outside the European Union) to travel freely within the European Schengen area and to acquire European citizenship (in a 6-year time frame).


There are 3 Types of Investment which qualify for the Golden Visa program:

  1. Acquisition of Portugal Property in the amount of or greater than €500,000 (you may purchase more than one property or just one property in shared ownership, if the total amount if the total amount is equal to or greater than €500,000);
  2. Creation of, at least, 10 new jobs in Portugal;
  3. Capital transfer of an amount equal to or above €1,000,000 (including investment in shares or quotas in companies).


The Portugal Golden Visa is issued for an initial period of 1 year and then will be renewed for periods of 2 years.

Renewal Conditions

  • The investment made must be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years after the residence permit is granted;
  • Applicants are required to sign a statement under oath;
  • Applicants are obliged to spend a minimum of 7 days in Portugal (during the first year of residence) and a minimum of 14 days in each of the following 2-year periods.

Once your Golden Visa permit is approved, you may benefit from several benefits.


Why invest in Portugal?

Portugal is embracing sustainable living and new investments to a far greater extent than ever before. The Golden Visa benefits are countless and the rewards are endless.

Portugal has been awarded several times by the World Travel Awards, newspapers and magazines such as The Guardian, Expresso, Forbes, the New York Times and El País; television channels like the northern-American CNN, international tourism associations, etc.

The internationally renowned Portuguese properties combine modern, innovative and high level design with the elegance of the past, family comfort with the amenities of a very gracious style of living and are situated in privileged locations with sublime views and landscapes.

If you become a resident in Portugal for 6 years or more, you may request a Portuguese Passport and become a full European Passport holder worldwide.


Processing fee (application) – € 513,75
Issuance of the Golden Visa residence permit – € 5, 137, 50
Processing fee (renewal) – € 513,75
Renewal of the Golden Visa residence permit – € 2, 568, 75

(updated May 2015)

BY: Nuno Caetano