Cordoama Beach

Cordoama Beach

Surfers Paradise on Earth
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Cordoama: a beach where the waves roll blue and crash white.

Located in the Vila do Bispo (Sagres) coastline, the Cordoama beach is one of the best-known surf spots on the west coast.

cordoama-beach-beautiful-bestWith a broad sandy expanse (about 1,9 km) great for beach combing and long walks, and an ocean floor that is muddy and soft, this gorgeous beach connects, at low tide, to the neighboring beaches of Castelejo and Barriga.

The enticing milky-blue water combined with a backdrop of rolling green hills, creates an atmosphere of unsurpassed beauty, making this beach the ideal place to laze and soak up the sun. Perfect for practicing watersports or going on adventure trips, this quaint and tranquil beach is also a very popular paragliding site.

Thanks to its steady waves, moderate swell and windy climate, which offer fantastic conditions for surfing and bodyboarding, the Cordoama beach that lays right in the heart of the Nature Park of the Southwest Alentejo and St. Vincent Coast (one of the most unspoilt stretches of coast in southern Europe), has become a legendary meeting point for surfers from all over the world.

Too stunning for words, this is undeniably a genuine haven for youngsters and grownups. The sparkling sand and glittering water will most certainly dazzle your sight, renewing your mind and boosting your spirit, any time during the year.

cordoama-beach-championship-miguel-mouzinhoSurfers from around the world gather at Praia da Cordoama to dig deep into the waves.

Thanks to its great waves, is considered one of the best beaches in Europe for all kinds of wind and water sports. In fact, on the beach there are two surf schools.

A lost paradise off the beaten Algarve, the nearest town is Carrapateira. The best thing is that because of its large proportions, for many swimmers who have never overcrowded.


Where to Eat:

Santa Rita Fátima restaurant, Praia da Cordoama bar, Marigil restaurant, Ribeira do Poço, Convívio (to be continued)

BY: Nuno Caetano