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Viewpoints and Attractions

Lisbon Popular Spots

Born by the seaside, Portugal is a country packed with sights and delights for tourists as well as locals. Portuguese tourist attractions are plenty and very popular because of the special feeling they give to all visitors.

lisbon-attractions-viewpointsThe highlights among Portugal’s attractions are manifold: spellbinding views and exceptional natural beauty, varied landscapes where you can find outstanding gastronomy and wines, epic history and overwhelming sunsets, vibrant culture and architectural marvels… Not to mention the incredibly charming and picturesque neighborhoods across the nation.

Portugal’s sunsets are simply astonishing, because the sun is filtered through leaves and its lights are magically reflected from the water turning everything into gold. It is an otherworldly experience. The typical Portuguese terraces called “Miradouros” absorb the heat during the day and release it at night. With small traditional kiosks and awesome viewpoints, they are the perfect spots for sunset watching.

Everyone has a top choice “Miradouro” because they all have their distinctive and special features. Some of the most famous and visited “Miradouros” in Lisbon are: Miradouro de S. Pedro de Alcântara, Castelo de S. Jorge, Portas do Sol, Miradouro da Graça and Santa Luzia.


Discover the Portuguese modern architecture in: the Orient Station, the Oceanarium, the Vasco da Gama Bridge and Tower, the Atlantic Pavilion, the Belem Cultural Center, the Lisbon & Estoril Casinos and relax at the nearby terraces which offer wonderful views over the river.

Near the river you will discover several examples of the Portuguese modern architecture:

The Lisbon Oceanarium, touted as one of the most impressive aquariums in the world and the largest indoor one in Europe is a fantastic example of new-fashioned architecture.

Designed for the Expo’98 exhibition, the Orient Station, Atlantic Pavillion and Vasco da Gama bridge; all have in common some of the most stunning sighs and contemporary features. Taking time to admire these beautiful spots is highly recommended.

In terms of incredible contemporary art buildings, the Belém Cultural Center and the Modern Art center, are two unsurpassed references, and are known for having all the necessary amenities for events and cultural purposes.

The Lisbon & Estoril Casinos are two great examples of progressive architecture and are a daily reminder of Portugal’s historical connection to China. Both casinos share a minimalist architectural design, are clustered around out-of-this-world outdoor pedestrian zones and have all the modern hi-tech facilities to provide the most epic nights of all times.

Along with visiting these incredibly scenic places, another great suggestion is to begin the day with a fabulous stroll throughout the iconic Estufa Fria garden, a magical greenhouse situated in the heart of Lisbon right next to Park Eduardo VII. This marvelous space is divided in three areas hot, cold and sweet, and is completed with small hills, ponds and grottoes. Definitely a must-see!

lisbon-attractions-old-cityIt is impossible to talk about Portugal’s main attractions without mentioning the most authentic and historical neighborhoods of all times. Their special architecture expresses their familiar atmosphere so intensely and spiritually that visitors are overcome with emotion.

Alfama stands as a time capsule to the years before the 1755 earthquake that destroyed much of Lisbon, and thus conserves many traits of its Visigothic roots, Arabic influence and fishing port heritage, making it a magical district all year round, and a true pleasure to wander around.

Through “becos” (alleys) and “largos” (small squares), let yourself go and surrender to the feelings and enchant of this labyrinth space where you will always be welcomed with a warm smile and a friendly face. Don’t forget to wear very comfortable footwear to climb the many hills!

Portugal’s attractions are so highly regarded and so different from any other country around the world that people from all ages and interests can have a memorable stay, but only by visiting will you truly understand why.

BY: Beatriz Portugal