Vau beach in Portimão

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Vau beach in Portimão

Vau Beach in Portimao

The Vau beach is undoubtedly one of the most charming beaches in Portimão.

Located on the western side of Rocha beach and Portimão, Vau beach is one of the western Algarve’s most outstanding beaches.

For how long have you been dreaming of a beach side lifestyle where you can stroll along the waters edge after a day at work?

This beautiful, paradisiacal beach with miles of pristine white sand and the ocean stretching as far as the eye can see; is considered to be one of the premier beaches in Portugal.

This Portuguese jewel, abundant with natural flora and backed with soft cliffs, is pretty much as close to perfect as possible.

Vau beach is the beach preferred by families for its tranquility and healthy waters. The water is so calm and clear that you can see the reflections of the blue sky and clouds, in it.

From the main stretch of Vau beach you can walk towards the famous Rocha beach and Alemão beach, as well as towards many rock pools and coves. Rocha beach is the most well known and the largest beach in Portimão, which even at the height of summer has space for everyone.

Vau Beach Portimao

After a full day at the beach, the best place to relax and recharge is definitely the new Portimão Marina, with its modern architecture and contemporary sleek décor. A perfect and luxurious getaway!

The glamorous Portimão marina is full of so many beautiful boats and a variety of cocktail terraces, cafes and fine dining venues, all stylishly decorated in vivid colors such as yellow, orange and red.

The entrance to the Marina is very easy to access since it is the most ample in Portugal and it provides a wide range of sea-related tourist activities.

The Portimão marina is the ideal setting for a remarkable stay and is one of the safest harbors in Portugal, having gained a reputation as the preferential Superyacht marina in the Algarve.

Come and spend some quality time in the Algarve, enjoy sunny days at the Vau beach, which boasts a long stretch of golden sands with calm sea conditions and mesmerizing seaside vista, and end your lovely afternoon in the marina, with your family. You won’t find any better!

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