Restaurant Sushi Avenida Café in Lisbon

Nuno Caetano

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Sushi Cafe Avenida - Lisboa

Outstanding Sushi and Decor

Sushi Avenida Café is certainly one of the most refined and elegant cuisines in Lisbon.

Sushi Avenida

Sushi Avenida Café, located in the heart of vibrant downtown Lisbon, is a winning combination of casual elegance, creative presentation and fabulous food.

Sushi Avenida Café is a renowned restaurant of pure Japanese gastronomy and one of the most beautiful and sophisticated spots in Lisbon. The warm décor and inviting ambiance are the perfect mix for any special event.

Business lunches for a few clients or a romantic dinner for two, Sushi Avenida Café sets the mood for any occasion.

Are you looking for a dining experience that will make you say “I can’t wait to go back?” then Sushi Avenida Café is the answer to your prayers!

At Sushi Avenida Café you may choose between 5 different environments according to your state of mind and experience: the terrace, bar, sushi bar, Japanese area and wave area.

The restaurant is known for its reinvention and interpretation of the Japanese Cuisine and was considered by Time Out magazine the “coolest restaurant in Lisbon”, and rated with 5 stars.


The menu includes various specialties of Japanese gastronomy pioneer in Portugal such as the Black Cod (Black cod garnished with mashed black eye pees, greens, nimono and black sesame sand) or the Wagyo Carpaccio with foie gras snow and chocolate.

The Restaurant is of stunning timeless design, stylish and exotic, serving exquisite cuisine in spectacular settings and providing truly unforgettable dining experiences to all guests.

Also, the restaurant is walking distance from Medeiros e Almeida Museum, Cinemateca Portuguesa Museum and the charismatic Avenida da Liberdade.

Avenida da Liberdade is Lisbon’s main boulevard where all the top shops, grander hotels, banks and airline offices are located and one of the hotest places to buy a Property nowadays.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dine at this superb restaurant!

BY: Nuno Caetano