Albufeira, Day & Night Party

Beatriz Portugal

Albufeira - Day & Night Party

You are Guaranteed to have the Summer of your Life, every Day & Night!

The charismatic day & night life of Albufeira is back again to celebrate a New Year and a brand New Summer!

Have you been longing for the days when fatigue becomes vitality and happiness?

Albufeira has been preparing for a whole year to bring you just the right events; the right people, the right heats & beats. Everything is now ready to boost your energy and health levels!

The Albufeira season is on and running!

For starters: from west to east, the spotlessly clean beaches of Salgados, Galé, Castelo, Pescadores, Santa Eulália, Falésia… just to name a few!

When daylight is fading, the Albufeira beaches invite you to enjoy a drink of wine or a cocktail by the sea, watching the world go by, while the sun melts into the ocean horizon right in front of you.

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It’s dinner time. Albufeira offers a wide range of first-class dining options with glorious menus. Here are some of the best restaurants: Vila Joya, Alísios, Ocean or Grande Real Santa Eulália.

The day is ending… Or is it just beginning?

Welcome to the over-the-top night and sunset beach parties & events. Every night is a different theme, from karaoke and live music clubs to dance bars or Irish pubs. The Oura Avenue has all the makings of a wonderful, fun and modern lifestyle.

The choice is endless, to ensure you have the summer nights and memories of your life.

BY: Beatriz Portugal